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Audi Nines 2020 Design Contest

We have received over a 100 AWESOME submissions and we were all absolutely blown away by the creativity & skills displayed. From artistic doddles to comprehensive digital presentations, you guys went all out and we can’t thank you enough for this! 
With so much great inspiration at our fingertips, we’re well on our way designing the 2020 MTB course and finding ways to turn all these new ideas into reality. The success of the design contest has been so overwhelming, we will continue to use all elements from so many of the designs over the coming years and of course, give you massive shout outs for this. 
In the meantime, please enjoy our latest 26-minute documentary; Nothing Quite Like It – An Audi Nines Documentary. 
Once again thank you all so much for joining the Audi Nines Design Contest and being part of our amazing community. 



Look, we all know life in lockdown sucks and the boredom is starting to creep in, but It’s time to stop scrolling for inspiration, why not pick up and a pen and become our inspiration..

Normally Nico, the dude who started all the Nines insanity 12 years ago, designs the Audi Nines courses each year together with our athletes but now it’s time to switch things up and give the old man a break as this year, we’re handing it over to YOU.

That’s right, we want YOU to design us a new the crazy feature or maybe even a full course on snow or dirt, you name it! You are the creators.

Send in your designs and using our resources and expertise will we do our best to turn your creations into reality. Plus we have some sick prizes to make this all a little more interesting.

(Slopestyle Bike)

– Leatt DBX 4.0 Helmet + Goggles

– Völkl Ski Setup
(Incl. Marker Bindings)

– Monster Energy Snowboard

– 10x Monster Energy Espresso Salted Caramel Tray
(12p) (EU only)

– Navelo X Audi Nines Packages
(A9 goodies including gloves, bottle etc.)

So it’s time to grab a pencil and start drawing, as you might just be our next course designer!

Creativity is key!
What should the Design look like?
1. Anything from a toilet paper sketch, scribbles, a sketch-up render to an animation of features, full courses, you name it! 
2. Add NAME, AGE, ORIGIN on the design submission.
How to submit the Design?
1. Send the design as a .JPG/.JPEG to the email address:  cc/yrellitsid//roht 
3. Type your message: Your contact information (full name, email, telephone) 
3. DEADLINE: May 1st, 2020, 11:59pm CET. Winners will be announced on our social channels.

By submitting your design to the competition you automatically agree to our privacy policy. Once we have uploaded your contribution on the Audi Nines social media channels, you have officially entered the online video competition.