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How To Apply

How To Apply

The “Become a Nine” Online Video Contest

Fancy a wild card to the Audi Nines MTB 2020 week? The “Become a Nine” video clip competition judges will be handing out at least one coveted invite to join the Nines. It’s the only way to get into the Audi Nines MTB without an invite! 

Clemens Kaudela & Geoff Gulevich
Who can enter?

The online qualification is open to everyone, pros, and amateurs from all over the world, who think they have what it takes to ride at the Audi Nines MTB 2020. 

What kind of tricks should be shown?

We want to see an accumulation of your best tricks and riding skills on any mountain bike, Bigbike or Slopestyle, that showcases your overall skill on a mountain bike.

Show us your skills, technical diversity, and a lot of style in your Become A Nine submission and hopefully, we’ll see you in the quarry!

What should the Video look like?
1. Download the Become a Nine post-roll and add it at the end of your video. CLICK HERE!
2. Add NAME, AGE, ORIGIN in the beginning of your edit
3. ONLY USE FREE OF RIGHTS MUSIC, otherwise the videos will be deleted by the channels.
4. The video should not be longer than 90 seconds, and it´s all about the action!
5. Please inlcude a 30 sec 4:5(1080×1350) social teaser of your video.
How to submit the video?
1. Go to and add your video
2. Enter your email and friend´s email address: cc/yrellitsid//roht
3. Type your message: Your contact information (full name, email,telephone, music info)
4. DEADLINE: August 19th, 2020. Winners will be announced on our social channels.
Which music to use?
You are free to choose your own songs, as long as they are FREE OF RIGHTS or you have a legal cooperation with the artist, otherwise the videos will be deleted by Youtube and Facebook.
Some useful sites:

Do I have to edit the movie myself?
The editing is not the important part, it´s all about the riding. So DIY style or let your friend do the computer work.
Can I watch the videos from the other riders?
For all submissions (also last years), go to our YouTube channel:
By submitting your video to the competition you automatically agree to our privacy policy. Once we have uploaded  your contribution on the Audi Nines Youtube channel and Facebook, you officially entered the online video competition.