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Castles Made Of Snow

What began as a drawing of a castle nine years ago transformed into a stage which the worlds best skiers and snowboarders have since used to explore innovation and express their creativity. Since inception, the Nine Knights and Nine Queens events combined huge features with talented athletes and media to enable and capture skiing and snowboarding’s most creative and technical riding. In the Spring of 2017, the humble Watles Ski Area in South Tyrol, Italy, witnessed the culmination of this progression.

Filmed over the course of six days during the first Suzuki Nine Royals, Castles Made of Snow examines the evolution of the Nine Knights and Queens event series, from the many breathtaking exploits to its place in the greater skiing and snowboarding world. Find out what happens behind the scenes during an event of this magnitude, from the castle construction to the hours spent editing footage. This multifaceted documentary delves into the minds of Olympic and film focused athletes as they examine the costs and rewards of surpassing one’s limits and that fine line on which one must tread in the search for innovation.


Nine Knights MTB 2016 DOCUMENTARY

With the gorgeous vistas of Reschenpass, South Tyrol in Italy as its stage, the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB 2016 captured the worlds best freeride mountain bikers throwing down on the versatile course. The Documentary brings you closer to the action with extended footage, behind the scenes moments and one-on-one interviews with the athletes. 

With 7 filmmakers shooting the 19 athletes over 6 days; with nearly 250 hours of editing and mastering over 5 terabytes of footage, the event team is proud to introduce the Suzuki Nine Knights MTB 2016 The Documentary.

Narrated by the athletes, the film gives new in-depth insight into the stunning action like the Best Trick of the Week, a smooth cork 720 no-hander from Szymon Godziek (POL); Clemens Kaudela’s (AUT) huge quarterpipe air now etched into mountain bike history; and Adolf Silva’s (ESP) double backflip on the intimidating Big Bertha which according to Sam Pilgrim (GBR) is the biggest one ever done. Ruler of the Week Sam Reynolds (GBR) describes the event’s importance to the sport, while Anton Thelander’s (SWE) transfer attempt shows the price of progression and highlights the incredible camaraderie between the athletes.